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13 May 2010

A Guide for Forest Carbon Project Developers

A new guidebook for developing forest carbon projects, titled "Bringing forest carbon projects to the market", was published. This guide intended that the forestry sector can be widely used for carbon reduction efforts, and identify opportunities for profitable forest carbon project development.

Forest carbon sector have been under-utilized by project developers and financiers, so this guide is expected to help kick-start the sector.

This book describes the various types of project activities, such as afforestation and reforestation (A / R), REDD, forest management, biomass energy - and identifying the various carbon markets and mechanisms that are available. Section 3 of this report offers a comprehensive nuts and bolts guide to developing a forest carbon projects, handle the set-up, costs, risks, financing, potential income, credit generation and sales. Guidelines for using case studies to illustrate best practices, success stories and pitfalls.

The guide was authored by a team at French environmental consultants ONF International and funded by UN Environment Programme’s Department of Technology, Industry and Economics, the UNEP Risoe Centre, the French Development Agency (AFD), and the World Bank’s BioCarbon Fund.

Go to download: Bringing forest carbon projects to market [PDF 5.8 MB]English; French

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