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11 March 2010

UNEP: E-waste is Growing Globally by 40 Million Tonnes a Year

A report by the United Nations Environment Program says e-waste is growing globally by 40 million tonnes a year. E-waste describes electronics including phones, printers, televisions, computers and other appliances. Waste from discarded electronics is predicted to rise dramatically in the developing world.

According to the report,"Recycling-from e-waste to Resources," issued by the UN Environment Program (UNEP) and presented at a meeting between the hazardous waste experts in Bali, Indonesia, e-waste from old computers will have increased by 500 percent during the ten-year period of the year 2007 in India, and by 200-400 percent in South Africa and China. UN experts said:

"...Unless action is stepped up to properly collect and recycle materials, many developing countries face the spectre of hazardous e-waste mountains with serious consequences for the environment and public health"

China already produces about 2.3 million tonnes (2010 estimate) domestically, second only to the United States with about 3 million tonnes. And, despite having banned e-waste imports, China remains a major e-waste dumping ground for developed countries.

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