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28 February 2010

Chile Earthquake: Google Enables "Person Finder" Tool

After the Saturday's 8.8-magnitude earthquake in Chile and followed by a panic in some countries in the Pacific region with a tsunami warning, Google's online services has activated Chile "person finder" tool. Same as the service provided at the Haiti's earthquake, in January, the tool will help friends and relatives to (hopefully) find missing loved ones after the quake.

To use either tool, either those who have information about a person involved in the earthquake, or are searching for someone involved, can simply go to the site and click "I have information about someone."
or "I'm looking for someone" links.

In addition to the help, Google Crisis Response invites anyone to join recovery efforts mobilizing around the world to assist earthquake victims. A donation can be sent through international organizations such as UNICEF or Direct Relief International.

The earthquake
struck 56 miles northeast of the city of Concepcion at a depth of 22 miles at 3:34 PM (1:34 PM EST) and tsunami alerts have been posted across the Pacific. The largest earthquake ever recorded was also in Chile. That quake occurred in 1960, and was a 9.5 magnitude quake.

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