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27 January 2010

Natural Gas for Reducing CO2 Emissions

Natural gas use yields CO2 emissions that are about 45 percent lower per Btu than coal and 30 percent lower than oil,” the use of natural gas provides an opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions. Natural gas supplies could hinder development of other low-carbon energy sources and undercut efforts to reduce emissions, "In Natural Gas: A Bridge to a Low-Carbon Future?" conclude.

In Natural Gas: A Bridge to a Low-Carbon Future?, authors Stephen P. A. Brown, Alan J. Krupnick, and Margaret A. Walls compare four scenarios – running through 2030 and reflecting different perspectives on gas supply and climate policy. The book notes that seizing the opportunity of reducing emission depends upon the climate policy.

In the future, the recoverable gas trapped in deposits could be explored using the better drilling technology. It makes natural gas supplies higher and carbons pricing lower, the costs of meeting targets for reduced CO2 emissions are lowered.

Taking a broader perspective, the analysis finds that the most cost-effective means for reducing CO2 emissions depend greatly on projected resource availability and technology changes – both of which are highly uncertain.

Natural Gas: A Bridge to a Low-Carbon Future? is based on research conducted as part of a joint Resources for the Future / National Energy Policy Institute (NEPI) project entitled Toward a New National Energy Policy: Assessing the Options.

Source: Resources For the Future,Natural Gas: A Bridge to a Low-Carbon Future? (Issue Brief, December 2009)

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