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01 January 2010

Greatly Miss One of The Most Distinguished Citizens

A renowned religious leader passed on Wednesday (30/12/2009), a moderator of pluralistic society, Indonesia, has played an important role as a bridge among multi culture and faiths. As the head of Nahdlatul Ulama, he was the spiritual leader of 40 million traditional Muslims. Gus Dur or Abdurrahman Wahid, the fourth president of Indonesia, was affectionately known by his fellow countrymen, held firmly to his principles.

He was a champion of democracy and moderate Islam. He worked to bring the traditionalists into the modern, and he has an intellectual thinking for towering the interfaith dialogue that allowed the country’s numerous religious groups to remain tolerant of each other. He has a high sense of humor to cut or to response disarmed critics.

His support for minority groups in Indonesia helped end decades of discrimination against ethnic Chinese. In fact, he declared Chinese New Year an optional national holiday on the country’s calendar and ended the ban on using Chinese characters in public.

His stance that faith was a personal matter won him the hearts of non-Muslims across the country. A true patriot to the last that has a place among the elite and the common person was passed away. Indonesia will greatly miss one of its most distinguished citizens. But, he will be cherished and his memory will live on in the hearts of many.

Gus Dur may rest in peace!!

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