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12 October 2009

King of Paradise Bird Swing His Tail

King of Paradise Bird, Cicinnurus regius, a babbler bird family member Paradisaeidae. A body length of the "King" is about 16 cm. The color of male birds are bright crimson and white with bright blue legs. He has feathers like a propeller with the green tip color on his shoulders. The two elongated tail is ended and decorated by emerald green feathers. The female bird is brown and striped in the bottom.

King of Paradise Bird scattered throughout the lowland forest in New Guinea and nearby islands. Birds are also called "living gem" ( "living jewels"). It was known as the smallest birds of paradise and colorful. Its main food consists of fruits and artropod.

The male birds usually swing his tail, flap his white belly fur that made him look like cotton balls and the pendulum acrobatic...ah, a beautiful dance! They widespreads and commonly found in New Guinea and King Bird of Paradise is evaluated low risk in the IUCN Red List and listed in CITES Appendix II.

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