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03 October 2009

Death Toll by Padang Quake Has Reached About 838 People (Until 18.30 pm, 3/10, Saturday)

According to the Executive Coordinating Unit for Earthquake Disaster Management in West Sumatra, until now the death toll has reached about 838 people. The body that was found is as much as 535 people. The most fatalists are 230 bodies in Padang and 211 bodies in Padang Pariaman, West Sumatra. Meanwhile, the victim lost or trapped debris estimated 303 people.

Disaster Relief

2700 personnel of Indonesia Army Force (Tentara Nasional Indonesia) moved to help the victims. They brought heavy equipments and deployed some tools to search 24 hours of the earthquake victims.

Indonesia Red Cross (Palang Merah Indonesia) ready to send off 4 tons of aid. Head of Logistics Sub Division Command Center PMI M. Arif Ilmiawan said, "Red Cross prepares to send 4 tons of relief today with the Garuda Indonesia Airways from Cengkareng, Jakarta International Airport."

He told that the reliefs to be delivered today are 11 units of blood transfusion equipment, tents, medicines, public kitchens equipment PMI, and thousands of pounds of food.

Meanwhile, Red Cross volunteers have been remained on alert to evacuate the victim in remote locations. After last Friday (2 / 10), they reached in the remote disaster area in the village of Bukit Pinang, Kampung Pauh in Pariaman. Indonesia Red Cross has also mobilized 90 people of SIBAT (Community Based Disaster Preparedness) in three villages in Padang Pariaman.

International Agencies

Vice Governor of West Sumatra Marlis Rahman told to AFP, Saturday (3 / 10), mentions dozens of international agencies have come and reported. 51 international agencies were recorded in West Sumatra to provide evacuation and logistic support for the victims, such as IOM, Hope Indonesia, JICA, AusAID Australia, UNFPA, HK Logistics, U.S.Consul General Medan, USAID, European Commission, Crown Medical Center Hospital from Malaysia, Humanitarian AID Turkey, Church World Service (CWS) and UNOCHO.

The foreign volunteers are mostly focused search for earthquake victims in the two worst locations in the West Sumatra, city of Padang and Padang Pariaman. At both locations there are still hundreds of victims who suffered from the ruins of two-story building, like in the Ambacang Hotel Padang, there were hundreds of people buried.


Image Source: Palang Merah Indonesia,

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