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15 October 2009

Blog Action Day 2009: Climatic Influences On Indonesia (Climate Literacy)

One of the main climatic influences on Indonesia is the ‘El Niño-Southern Oscillation’ which, every few years, provokes many of our extreme weather events. The El Niño refers to changes in ocean currents in the Pacific Ocean, making them unusually warm.

The opposite case, when the currents are unusually cold, is called La Niña. Linked with these events is the ‘Southern Oscillation’ which refers to changes in atmospheric pressure in the southern hemisphere. Taken together, they are called the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO).

When there is an El Niño, we usually have more droughts. When there is a La Niña, we have more floods.

This is an example of the climate system that might not everyone understand.

Our awareness of climate change and global warming impacts in associated with our understanding of the influence of weather and climate or, more specifically, the effects of global warming on the environment and society.

I am not a climate expert, but concern with climate change. Here are 4 things that indicate that we care and we are "literate" to climate change:

1. Understand the essential principles of our Earth's climate system.

2. Knowing how to assess or evaluate the credibility of scientific information about climate.

3. Communicating about climate, climate change and / or global warming in our social networking.

4. Capable of and Responsible for our decisions regarding with the action that may affect climate or can leave carbon footprints.

If, we, Indonesian, have climate literacy, it could be strengthen the climate change adaptation in Indonesia.

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