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01 October 2009

527 People Dead in the Indonesia Quake (until 14:30 pm, 1/10, Thursday)

West Sumatra Disaster data in the Governor's Office notes the death toll hits by earthquake, that occurred Wednesday (30 / 9) afternoon, have been reached 527 people until 14:30 pm Thursday.

The earthquake’s victims come from some areas including: 376 people in Padang City, 62 people in Padang Pariaman District, 11 people in the Pariaman City, 75 people in Pasaman and 3 people in Padang Panjang.

In addition, victims in Padang were recorded 50 people severe injured and 1.590 people slightly injured. 25 people suffered severe injuries and 500 people slightly injuries in Pariaman City. While in the South Coastal District, numbers of victims are 8 people suffered severe injuries.

Meanwhile, buildings in Padang City were recorded approximately 350 housing units heavily damage and 1,500 units light damage. The buildings heavily damaged are Hall of Padang, Sun Department Store, Andalas Plaza, Padang Raya Central Trades, Bank of Indonesia Padang and some of West Sumatra Governor's Office. The collapsed building, Suzuki Dealer Building, Hyundai Dealer building, Regional Financial Management Office West Sumatra, and some of West Sumatra Governor's Office.

Throughout the day, rescue teams are working hard in a rainstorm to find those who still survive in the rubble of collapsed buildings. The earthquake caused landslides in some areas. Rescuers estimate the number of victims is likely to increase because there are many people buried under collapsed buildings.

Aftershocks or tremors occurred in the western part of Indonesia in the last two days, Thailand is waiting to see if a tsunami warning or not will be issued by Indonesia, wrote AsiaOne News, Thursday (1 / 10).

Pariaman City and surrounding area in West Sumatra Indonesia, Wednesday (30 / 9), was hit by an earthquake measuring 7.6 SR. Aftershocks quake also occurred several times, including in Bengkulu, Jambi, and the Mentawai islands, West Sumatra, a day later. As a result, large buildings were destroyed along with the fire in various places.


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