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19 September 2009

Global Climate Week: Week of Activities to Combat Climate Change

The first-ever Global Climate Week was officially launched by United nations. It is a week of synchronized activity around the world for urgent action to combat climate change. Global Climate Week is planned to coincide with the United Nations Secretary-General's High Level Summit on Climate Change on 22 September 2009.

Global Climate Week will unite efforts, whether individual or collective, calling for urgent action to combat climate change – the greatest challenge of our time.

Hamburg, New York, Copenhagen, Mexico City and Nairobi are among the cities taking part in Global Climate Week from September 21-25, 2009 alongside corporations, community groups and individuals around the world. They are invited to mobilize their networks and join the effort.

Enter your Global Climate Week pledge at . Afterwards, share your activities with the world by uploading a report, including video and photos.

Here Global Climate Week's activities are:

  • Global Tree Planting Drive

  • Climate Petition Day

  • Climate Change Assembly Day

  • Seal the Deal! Green Day

  • Go Climate Neutral Day

  • Climate Voices Day

  • Climate Solutions Day

  • Download, Seal The Deal Global Climate Week Program.

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