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30 September 2009

Building Damage Due to Earthquake in Padang, Indonesia

Buildings destroyed by an earthquake in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia, Wednesday (30 / 9/2009) evening. An earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale shook western Sumatra at around 17:16. Exactly the epicenter was located at 0.84 south latitude and 99.65 east longitude. The earthquake shocks were up to Malaysia and Singapore.

According to the Head of Geology Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, R Sukhyar, the earthquake related to the collision between the Indian Ocean plate and Asia Continent plate on the West Coast Sumatera.

"The Indian Ocean tectonic plate collapsed beneath the Asia plate that was located in Sumatra. The energy released is due to the earthquake's fracture," he said when contacted by Oke Zone correspondent, Wednesday (30/9/2009).

According to BMG records, Sukhyar said, there was happened several aftershocks, but decreased in intensity. "There were aftershocks, but they were not enough to become a larger quake," he said.

In September, there had been an earthquake with a scale larger than magnitude 7. Earlier, on September 2, 2009, earthquake had occurred in 142 kilometers southwest of Tasikmalaya, West Java, with the scale of 7.3 on the Richter scale.

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Here, posted at, satellite imagery that shows the buildings destroyed are:

Satellite imagery before the earthquake (recorded on May 18, 2007)

Satellite images after the earthquake (recorded on 02 Oktober 2009)

You can get more complete pictures on the site Center for Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing National University of Singapore (CRISP-NUS)

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