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12 August 2009

Forest Fires Recurrence in Indonesia

Indonesia Government's efforts are not quite enough to be quenched the forest fire without trying to see the future efforts that would be done. In fact, forest fire incidents recur again and indicate a weak commitment to obtaining a good quality environment. Even, the Indonesia constitution has stated that environmental quality is a right for every citizen. This shows that the citizens have rights that must be guaranteed by the state in relation to obtaining a good quality environment. In the other side, the actors who have a contribution to the forest fire incident, also, does not indicate a commitment to participate for environmental protection. It seems they would not care if forest fire impacts experienced by people were increasingly worst.

Recurring the forest fires also indicate a poor law implementation and enforcement. As we know, law enforcement is important in maintaining and oversees forest conservation and environmental protection efforts. In the case of forest fires, we have never found a clear follow-up by the law for the criminal actors of environment disasters. The weak legal action against environmental crimes indicates a poor law implementation.

To avoid greater losses by local community, the priority efforts are to decrease the impact of forest fires. The efforts should be carried out with a change in the behavior of thought and action patterns of stakeholders. Almost in every case of forest fires that occurred create a negative stereotype of people who are considered as main causes of environmental degradation without trying to reflect back to each of the stakeholders. It is important to strengthen the vision of each stakeholder for forest conservation and environmental protection through the mutual support between government, business and community. The strong vision will be expected to encourage the awareness of environmental protections, especially the forest fires impacts.

Often the environmental damage of forest fires, for example in Riau, Jambi, West Sumatra, in fact, does not only have impact in the region, but also around the neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Singapore. The complaints from neighboring countries would not need to be responded negatively by Indonesia government. It is important to develop joint efforts for decreasing impact of forest fire between the countries.

Finally, keep attention for the forest fires and the drought of climate. Don,t do a stupid thing that makes a forest fire!

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