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22 June 2009

Use Plastic Bags in Our Daily Lives.

At least two times per month, we have to buy the family needs in the local grocery store or supermarket. In Indonesia, usually, the grocery stores use plastic bags for wrapping the stuff. So, this makes us think how to reduce using them. There are several ways that we do:

1. We will choose the store that use or sell shopping bags from the materials which can be recycled, there are additional costs but we thought that it pays for our environmentally commitment...:-)

2. If only plastic bags are provided, we will collect them, then use for wrapping our dry-garbage. The garbage bags will be thrown in the inorganic trash at my home, so that people in the landfill can collect them for recycling.

3. We started buying the plastic-bag of organic raw materials, to wrap gifts or items that will be given to colleagues; it is also the way to encourage them to do the same thing.
(I wrote about it and posted in my blog-column with title "Engkong, This is a plastic bag of cassava", but in Bahasa Indonesia)

4.We will try to bring cloth bags. We slip up sometimes and forget our reusable bags. But, we keep trying to remember when do other shopping.

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