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19 June 2009

An Indonesian Language Book From Down to Earth

Down to Earth (DTE) has released an Indonesian language book as a special edition to mark the organisation’s 20th birthday. The publication is titled “Keadilan Iklim Dan Penghidupan Yang Berkelanjutan” and can be downloaded in REED-Monitor.

The book consists of 12 articles related to climate change from the Down to Earth newsletter and the topics covered range from climate change developments and policies at national and international level to Indigenous Peoples’ rights and climate justice. By climate justice we mean equitable solutions to climate change which are based on the rights, needs, participation, and agreement of the communities who are feeling the greatest impact of climate change or who will be affected by initiatives to mitigate climate change.

In 2007, DTE agreed a new 3-year strategy: 'climate justice and sustainable livelihoods' as a way of unifying and building on work to raise awareness of linkages between natural resources use, community resource rights and poverty, with a focus on forest protection, oil palm plantations and biofuel policy,and the extractive industries (mining, oil and gas).

Climate justice and sustainable livelihoods are closely linked, since community management of resources that support livelihoods, offers a better chance of long term sustainability than do top-down development schemes which serve the interests of national and international business elites, and reinforce global inequality

Down to Earth, was set up by the two UK-based NGOs, Tapol and Survival International, as a monitoring service for environment and development in Indonesia. The aim was to provide information on and raise awareness of the problems faced by rural communities confronted by the Indonesian government's centrally-planned development programme.

Down To Earth,

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