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04 May 2009

A guide to climate neutrality: Kick the Habit

Climate change is the one of popular issues in the last decade. At least one article per day, reference to the threats it poses in a newspaper, a broadcast or a blog. It was also the urgency of taking action, immediately to limit the effects and to adapt to the changes that are sure to come.

For climate change is upon us, and the problem is here to stay. We have the choice how to act, but the change we need to make ourselves. We can make a difference by supporting the transition to a climate-neutral world.

Based on the climate neutrality concept, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has published a guide book. This concept – climate neutrality – is the subject of this book.

"Addiction is a terrible thing. It consumes and controls us, makes us deny important truths and blinds us to the consequences of our actions. Our society is in the grip of a dangerous greenhouse gas habit.The message of this book is that we are all part of the solution. Whether you are an individual, a business, an organization or a government, there are many steps you can take to reduce your climate footprint," (Ban Ki-moon,Secretary-General of the United Nations).

The term climate neutrality is used in this book to mean living in a way which produces no net greenhouse gas (GHG)emissions. This should be achieved by reducing your own GHG emissions as much as possible, and using carbon offsets to neutralize the remaining emissions.

There is plenty of information and advice about how to live a greener, cleaner life. What is often difficult is finding your way through it all – knowing what gets results fast, what really delivers instead of just being greenwash, and what works best for you. If you are confused, this book is certainly for you. It should provide the answers you want. It explains in practical terms how individuals, companies, corporations, cities and countries can start to change. And even if you are not confused, the book: Kick the Habit - will provide you with some useful additional information. Here,download the e-book.

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