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11 March 2009

Can Restoring Forests solve Indonesia unemployment problem ?

I was reading today “U.N. report: Forestry can create 10 million jobs” by Katy Byron (CNN). post in March 10, 2009:
According to a soon to be released study investing in green jobs focused on "sustainable forest management" can address the growing problem of unemployment worldwide (a win/win). Sustainable forestry aims to prevent depletion of forests by managing them and making sure their use does not interfere with natural benefits or the local environment.
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In her post she underlines some points why United Nation say that forestry could create 10 million jobs in a report to be released this week:

1. some countries are interested and taking into action to invest in green jobs working with "sustainable forest management" by making it part of their economic stimulus plans.

2. all countries, mainly regions with substantial rural unemployment and degraded land areas, could solve the problem of unemployment.

What I found most interesting about this post is C.T.S. Nair, chief economist in the U.N. Forestry Department, said Asia and Africa -- and to some extent Latin America -- could benefit the most.

I have some questions about forestry in Indonesia in regard with restoring forests. You might be answering and giving me enlightening, because I do not see the indication of sustainable forestry in Indonesia:

  1. Are plantation movements has initiated by government really give benefit to the local people ?
  2. Are forest concessions manage well on sustainable basis to prevent the forest depletion?
  3. Can restoring forests solve Indonesia unemployment ?
Feel free to comment. Thank you.

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