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28 March 2009

Deadly Flooding in South Jakarta

Source: Kompas Daily, Saturday March, 28. 2009

Due to heavy rain that came down for five hours on Thursday (26/3) night, Situ Gintung embankment, Cirendeu Village, In Tangerang near South Jakarta. Friday at around 04.30 am. Area of 10 hectares in Cirendeu swept by the flood that comes as the tsunami. The flooding fall down again at around 13:00.

Kompas Indonesia Daily Morning, Saturday (28/3) reported that up to 22:00 indicate the number of victims reached 65 people killed, 98 people missing, the 52 injuries, and 25 people treated in Fatmawati hospital South Jakarta. Most of the victims killed are women and children.

Dutch-made embankment established year 1932-1933, failed to capture flooding causing the dam to break. Flooding struck the housing of residents in the village of Kampung Poncol and Gintung. About 300 houses in the area damaged and destroyed.

The flooding such as Tsunami besause water came suddenly. "Huge rumble sound," said Cecep (63), Gintung Villager, reported by Kompas Daily.

Saki Mulyadi (45) a villager who lived near the Dam Wall, at 22:00 since he heard the voice of the wall rocks and material fall little by little.

"The dam suddenly broken and the flood out of the wide hole about 70 meters. Hundreds of houses were slightly down swept directly. Most of the victims who died and lost are no opportunity to save for themselves. Some residents also still sleep in. In front of Jabarul Rohmah Mosque, flood split the two, but does not break down the mosque. One meter bridge used to cross over was still there"; said Saki Mulyadi to Kompas Daily.

In the Southern Jakarta, rain through the weekend amount up to 145 mm (6 inches) will be possible. The December to March period marks the rainy season in much of Indonesia, when the country is especially susceptible to flooding and landslides. More rain is expected across Indonesia over the weekend as the rain season continues. Scattered showers and thunderstorms will develop each day, producing locally heavy rainfall.

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